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This is an RP/Ask blog for a Shiny Magikarp Gijinka named Ikulil.


askikulil dont watch any dvds i cant guarantee it’s not homemade porn

Me at u guys’ place


askikulil thank you very much for watching our house this weekend. There’s lots of food in the fridge and I left you some money for pizza or something. Try not to leave too much of a mess (jk!!) and if you watch a movie just dont watch any of the tapes labeled ‘weekend titties’

♥ ya

No worries. I’ll keep burglars away

askikulil ♔! For whoever! ]]


Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to…

♔ : Finding your muse wearing their clothes

— Oh? Is this yours? — She said as she pointed to the jacket she had around her. —I’m sorry, I was cold and I seen it so I grabbed it..—


Do you just take people’s clothes wherever you find them?

** Arrives at Julian and Remy’s place only to place a tarp over the living room couch and sit on it.**

Party at Julian’s place am I right?

*Sits alone in a giant house.*

Pls come back soon………


#so ill basically be standing outside because i dont want to sit anywhere you guys have done it

yea tbh you’ll prob want to bring an air mattress…

sorry i guess we really have done it everywhere # wait you can maybe sleep in the basement but its creepy down there and all my workout equipment is there

I guess it really is time to invest in an air mattress…. I’d rather lay on the floor than go to a sweaty basement but thanks for the tips Remy…

askikulil 4 Butch: Are those real ears or a second set of arms on your head? How much can you lift on a single sitting? Have you ever grown a beard? If so how long?



"Well first off, whether I can lift boulders with ‘em or not, don’t make ‘em none less the real, if ya ask me. BUT, just so happens that I can ROCK’EM-SOCK’EM-BOPPER ya with these guns - and those guns - too!! Heheheh!"

[He flexes his ears, and strikes a pose, to demonstrate.]

"As fer how much I lift, well .. hooo, boy … y’know, truth be told, I don’t really do much’a’that formal weight-liftin’ competitive nonsense. But given that I spent about, hoo-boy, how long was it now?" [He whistles absent-mindedly through his teeth as he thinks a moment, ear giving a little twitch in coordination with the side of his mouth. Finally, cracking a grin, he finishes.] "Well, at least ‘round a decade or so in them mines, over in Driftveil. Either way, been liftin’ this and that damn near m’whole life! Who gives a damn how much I lift in a sitting? S’pose if you REALLY wanted though, I could give ya a demonstration." [Flexing once more, he lends a wink and a chuckle.]


"And that last question - ‘bout the beard - ye, I sported one fer a few months - eh, really years, there. Then’s about when I started goin’ to Chip regularly there, and hell, tell you wha now - that boy’s got some fine ass, he sure does. Talk about buns! HEH. Anywho, refused to serve me anymore if I didn’t get rid of it, er what. Didn’t much like the scratch of it. So I sheered it off - and kinda just kept the look! Plus, used to get all kindsa dirt and muck in there. Stunk to high-heaven. Hoohoo!"

Ikulil listened quietly not wanting to interrupt this huge rabbit. He seemed rather cheery for a huge dude though, that was a first for him. Most huge dudes he met were either grumpy or unapproachable. Maybe once or twice he found someone like him. The poses made him chuckle but he looked around feeling self conscious wondering if anybody would stare at them for him showing off his guns.

"You’re one weird dude… but hey that’s really interesting and you sure got a way with words!" He chuckled awkwardly then shook his head along with his hands before him. "Y  O, too much information there buddy, I don’t need to know who you’re shaking it up with." His cheeks reddened out of embarrassment. "I’m Ikulil by the way, what’s your name? You’d think I would have seen you around." Ikulil liked his personality and the way he talked was a little extra. "Maybe you can give me a few tips on how to buff up." He flexed his noodly arms.


askikulil replied to your post “Happy birthday Julain!! *Slides $20 under ur window and leaves.*”

*Climbs in through the window* o k ay

ok heres the keys watch the house for the weekend remy and i are going on a trip thanks ikulil youre a real pal (runs out door)




-raises a brow- while I don’t want to force you to leave the premises, I advice you to.

-the guy technically wasn’t doing anything wrong so he didn’t wanna bark orders at him, so to speak. but he was certain the guy wouldn’t let himself be caught in the fire; the heat and flames in the distance still made Lucian feel uneasy- 

Do what you will, just. I also recommend you put out that cigarette properly. Stay out of trouble. 

You got it boss I’ll be real careful from now on.

*He gave a lazy salute to Lucian.* Keep up the good work officer.



Luc gave the slightest of shrugs “I do not know sire, I am not an enthusiast of seafood, but given our chefs’ level it must be… neat" The purrloin replied, nodded and proceeded to direct his attention at some other place to avoid making the guest feel uncomfortable.

"Yeah, that’s why I said it was." Pursing his lips he stared at him until he looked away, then he kept eating, enjoying his meal although to be honest he was getting full. He’s that one person that orders a pizza for himself but only eats half a slice. Not sure if we should skip the meals or keep on going because Ikulil won’t keep up a good conversation.