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This is an RP/Ask blog for a Shiny Magikarp Gijinka named Ikulil.

[[ first time ill ever do munday eii im super happy ]]

[[ first time ill ever do munday eii im super happy ]]



Feeding on my hair, what—

   He shakes his head, a little confused by the idea and trying to shake it off

But yeah, uh, you’re like a regular fish-punzel or something. On a much smaller scale.

   He squints for a second, as if in thought.

Hair.. length.. wise… I meant..

Your hat— Never mind.

Fish-punzel— *He gave him a squint at first when he said a smaller scale but he saved himself so he let it slide.*

Yeah, If I was any taller I’d have it even longer. Hold on—

*He then undid his bun to release the mass of hair only an inch away from the floor.*

I think I need to trim the tips already..



"I apologize for that monsieur, I will refrain from further… stares" Luc nodded and retrieved the menu from the magikarp; making another small bow, he left.

"The little fish wants your menu, Head Chef" He added with a slightly sarcastic tone and a chuckle. "He seems like a weird one if you ask me… but the unused weird, not the bad ones"


"He does? Oh, and you have such a good eye for this kind of things, Luc” Marco replied sarcastically as he laughed back. “I’ll make sure to cook him a good one; who knows, maybe a shiny costumer will even increase the ratings too!” Another laugh.

"But nah, I think he’s just… introverted? Not sure, to be honest"

"Yeah it’s cool, don’t worry about it. It’s just… a little weird." And with that Ikulil stayed in his seat, waiting to be served. It was so weird eating out all alone. Ikulil actually liked having friends and people to talk to, he was just a little shit head to his friends half the time. Oh well. Sits around looking at the decor every now and again.



-nods her head in understanding- ooohh~

hahaha, how are we gonna see out of those masks? Don’t wanna crash your sweet ride y’know!

-her face scrunches up a bit again when he talks about boobs being cut off. woah what a history lesson, what even??- aaahh..haha…RiiiIIight„ -nervous laughs-

-grin broadens- well c’mon, ‘Lil! Let’s RIDE!! :D

Masks have places for your eyes where they’re supposed to be cut out, usually. *Furrows his brows confused. Oh he can feel the awkward as he kept talking about boobs so he’ll stop.*

Yo, listen up, I flat out don’t like being called little, I think we had established this already. *He shakes his head with a frown.* Maybe when we get to know each other but this isn’t the time. *Huffs*



-she stared at him for a long while before blinking stupidly, breaking into another gigglefit. This guy was full of surprises- no wayyy I don’t believe you! There’s no way you’re that much older than me, I don’t think? 

-grins wide when he shows her the bike- woah!! it’s perfect for two people; seems really neat, I might out-pedal you though so I hope you can keep up!

aww but it’s in your name! Iku…’lil. Get it? ‘Lil. :’) 

-her expression turns confused by his little side story, causing her to look down at her chest and back at him a few times- wh…one boob? freak? :C -gropes air, her face goes pale as she stares dramatically into the distance- I……..wait. !!


did you just call me be…autiful?? -sparkle in her eyes- you’re too sweet bby! you’re gorgeous yourself!

It’s true, I happen to have a self rejuvenating cream. You know those ads on the internet that say. “THIS WOMAN HAS THE ANSWER FOR WRINKLES, DOCTORS HATE HER. ” I made those. They’re real, but everyone thinks its spam.

Nah nah, no worries I got it. I’ll just stick my feet up on the handle bars while you sing All Star, which is an offer still standing. We gotta get Shrek masks though.

*Squints.* How bout we don’t go down that road, huh?

You didn’t know? They cut off their boob, depending on which hand they write with so they can properly use a bow and arrow. People don’t really need two boobs when you think about it.  Babies need to learn how to share— then again, only the strongest survive…. *Rubs his chin.* What a great movie that’d be…journey to the boob…………………. *Snaps out of it and blinks at her reaction.*

Are you alright? Yea u ok lookin. *shrugs— oh, flips his hair and sparkles* Of course I am.



sarcasm??…. D: I barely pick up on it half the time! 

-stares at him for a moment- ……ffFF well I dunno! you look like a kid to me, but I guess I could totes be wrong. -giggles at his silly movie reference- my bad, my bad. What kinda bike ya got? Not a motorcycle I hope—gotta be careful lil’ dude!

OH- well alright. I meet way too many smart asses and then I realize I’m looking in the mirror, so I can’t tell anymore.

*Alright which way should he go about it? He stared blankly at her. He could be an old man, or be a really young kid trying to get by. The latter seems like he’d get free stuff but the insults to his ego were getting to him. Old short guy it is.*

Yeah uh I’m actually 30 years old.

I got this sick monster. Pretty kick ass if you ask me. My friend and I call it Grease Lightning— I swear if you laugh. I’ll just cry on the inside but that’s not important.

*Makes a face then shakes it along with his hands in disapproval.* Yo, I’m as chill as the surfer beach bum next door but don’t call me lil’ dude. I don’t call you amazon woman, sure it’s exciting at first but then you realize; I’m an 8 foot tall freak with one boob. Our relationship won’t flourish after this if this keeps going. *He dramatically sighed looking to the side.* Our kids won’t even talk to us, I’ll be paying child support and we’ll both loose our beautiful looks. It’s a mess, really.



But who goes around thinking about their dicks like that- ……..wHAT?? I thought you were at least 18. But then again… -//does that squint. that, u look like a kid, squint.-

Just makin’ sure, especially since you came outta nowhere with that. But how are you, Eek? Surviving the heat? 

People who know how to have fun— ………are you questioning yourself now? *Rubs his hands together with a smirk and shifty eyes.* Then you’ll never know my real age.

Oh alright, glad you’re making sure I don’t fall back into that dark deep hole of them drugs. *Waves his hand dismissing the subject. Was he kidding? we don’t know.* I’m doing relatively well! I came from a really hot place so I’m all good. I think I’m tanning again… *He looks at his own arms.* I say I stay in a lot but people don’t need to know that.

What about you?




Comet, come here, come my child, let me share a tale. I’ve lost like 50 friends because of these. I highly recommend it. *Drops some chains over Comets head.* Now you too can loose all your dignity with these siCK CHAINZ.

I’m going to run off and drop a pair of them on people. *Holding his chains tight with the determination of a main character.* Can’t want to see people look like losers.

askikulil If you sing smash mouth's all star while we ride on my kick ass bike I'll give you 10 dollars.



O: !! omigosh you. are. so. CUTE. I’d love to do that, but I probably wouldn’t fit!! What’s your name bby?


Uh… Come again? I think you mean devilishly handsome and why wouldn’t you fit? I’m Ikulil and you are..?