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This is an RP/Ask blog for a Shiny Magikarp Gijinka named Ikulil.



-sniffs around, his nose wrinkling a bit- 

why does it smell like something’s burning?… 


Hay caliente, put it out-


Who could have caused this fire?



Kendall was told she was going to be visited by one of the Wales brothers and it melted her tightly wound heart. They do care. She was called over to the visiting room where a handful of other inmates were talking with relatives, spouses, girlfriends, you name it. She sat in front of the little golden boy whom she’d never met before and smiled big. “Aw, you look like him.” She nodded at him since she didn’t want to touch him and get yelled at by the guards around the place. “I’m Kendall.” 

Ikulil was all sorts of uncomfortable. Look at all these people, what if one of them had a thing for beating up little girl boys. He had to rule out the ones that had kids around. Maybe someone had a grudge with Rapunzel who fucking knows. The woman in front of him looked tough as nails but he figured, can’t beat me up here RIGHT? Yeah she most likely could. “I take that as an insult but I won’t complain too much because you might beat me up. He looks like a pirate attending a rock concert. It’s true pain.” He sighed then blinked. “I’m Ikulil, glad he didn’t even talk about me. So uh— oh right, he wrote you stuff, here.” He handed her some papers.

"Dear Kendall,

Please send nudes.

R u hittin’ it with anyone in ur cell? Hot.



The next page.


Did that lil’ bitch Gyro forget where Ikulil lives? I swear, I told him once. Tell him he’s dumb and he might get got. JK he will get got. That rude bitch, u 2, I didn’t know you guys were in jail.”

And finally,


Sure sux 2 b u guys. It’s like living rule free out here for some reason. Cops aren’t even trying to catch you. It’s less fun though.

Hope you’re having fun in jail.”

Ikulil just shook his head as she read the pages at her own pace. His brother was embarrassingly stupid.

gimmikiss Dear Steve. It's rad in prison. Come be my prison wife. Love, Kendall. PS Gyro doesn't know who to send letters too either. PSS Hey Steve's little brother, come visit me in prison.


"Is this a joke?" Asked the young Goldilocks.

With many insults from his brother after noticing he got a letter. They argued and argued all night long until they came to an agreement. Ikulil was the one that had to visit one of Steve’s many friends. Prison was boring and lonesome, as Steven sat on his brother explaining these crucial things to the young goldfish he explained. “You little butt burglar, listen here, you either do this for me or I’ll beat you into an undiscovered pre-evolution.” He pleaded to his little brother clearly distraught. (JK…………………………..)

Ikulil, being that he was being crushed by this butt pirate, decided to do his bidding. What could go wrong right? He had to make an appointment. Writing another letter would be troublesome, and why should he? Bleh. It was the hard summer— fall, when Ikulil could visit. This place was filled with bAD people, he could tell. Although he couldn’t recognize anyone, get it? because he’s never been there oh man.

With some papers in his hands Ikulil waited for Kendall to be taken to where she could see her visitor.



He’s a sharpedo. You’ve met him before! He falls under the criteria of “works at a beach” and “works out”!

Him and Delray. The Samurott with the twin.

*Shakes his head with his shoulders shrugged.*

I don’t remember.

I know twins? Wow neat. I’d have to see them again to remember them, otherwise I’m drawing a blank here. I have no idea who those people are.

on top of…not in…. but on top..
Yeah that’s what I meant.
Don’t you watch the nayruto?

*Sets the tree he was laying in on fire.*

Whoa there, blaze it am I right?

I’m outta here.

Stay in school kids.

Woh, i should keep an eye on my little brother but why do that when I can pretend he’s doing fine.

*Lays on top of a tree like an anime antagonist.*




*suppresses her need to hop everywhere*

*Puts his hands down*

I have a problem.

*He looks off*

I don’t know who that is.

askikulil *Whispers* I love you.






*Squints frowning to himself*


askikulil *pops out form a bush and stares at someone from afar.* You're really soft.



-jumps a bit and looks over at the bush, sweating a bit- O-oh…um…t-thank you? 


You’re welcome.

*Sinks back into the bush*